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The Process of Healing From Child Sexual Abuse (10 Apr 2013)
A victim of child sexual abuse suffers what many other people cannot even dare to think of. The kind of trauma he/she feels is beyond imagination. From the physical and sexual torture to the emotional torment of the abuse, the negative and sometimes, life-threatening effects are too much to carry for a young child. However, there is always a way in order to heal the wounds and move on with life. It is crucial for the people close to the victim to be there for him/her in order to guide in the process of healing.

10 Reasons Not to Discuss Child Sexual Abuse (10 Apr 2013)
There are many reasons why parents don't discuss child sexual abuse prevention with their children. This article will point out the ridiculousness of these reasons!

Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (10 Apr 2013)
Many families do not want to believe their child is being sexually abused even if the signs of child sexual abuse are staring them straight in the face. Unfortunately many families are in a similar situation where both parents are working full time and someone other than the biological parents are caring for their children. Under these circumstances the potential for child sexual abuse is more prevalent. Obviously under these circumstances it is tremendously important for parents to watch for the signs of child sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse, Rape, and Incest - Finding Your Voice (01 Dec 2012)
Sexual exploitation takes the innocence and power from victimized children. There is a way to become empowered again. As long as an abused child remains stuck in guilt and shame, the perpetrator is still in control. The adult survivor of childhood abuse will remain a controlled victim. The key to freedom and empowerment is disclosure

Living in Fear - 8 Ways for Victims of Spousal Abuse to Find Help (24 Aug 2012)
Spousal abuse is mentally and physically debilitating. The constant fear of the abuse soaks up all your energy leaving you drained. It immobilizes even your thoughts and makes action difficult as all your physical and mental energy goes into just coping and surviving each day. So what should a victim of spousal abuse do to find help?

Male Sexual Abuse of Boys (24 Aug 2012)
Abuse of young boys is still generally under-recognized, under-reported and under-treated. Just like sexually abused girls, sexually abused boys grow up exhibiting guilt, anxiety, shame and low self-esteem. Frequently, they are self-destructive and even self-mutilating.

Sexual Child Abuse/Incest Defined (24 Aug 2012)
This article is intended to educate the reader--mental health professionals or non-professionals, on a definitive definition of sexual child abuse and incest.

A Roadmap to Freedom For Abused Women (18 Jul 2012)
Are you a woman that has lived and left an abusive relationship? Have you taken that first step out and find yourself still struggling for your freedom? Do you feel like you are going in circles? If so, this article was written for you.

How to Recognize an Abusive Woman (18 Jul 2012)
This article is designed to help you recognize the signs of an abusive woman so that you can remove yourself from the relationship and save yourself heartache, legal troubles and all of the other negative aspects of being in a relationship with an abusive woman.

Am I in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship? (18 Jul 2012)
Emotionally abusive relationships are behaviour based, they are not physically abusive. Verbal emotional abuse is used to control another person. The abuser will use fear, humiliation, intimidation, guilt and/or manipulation. There is no physical aggression, but the words used and the feelings experienced by their behaviour(s) are enough to lower your self esteem, make you doubt yourself or make you feel bad.

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There are unfortunately many signs of an abusive relationship. Some of these signs will manifest the...

A Roadmap to Freedom For Abused Women
Are you a woman that has lived and left an abusive relationship? Have you taken that first step out ...

Male Sexual Abuse of Boys
Abuse of young boys is still generally under-recognized, under-reported and under-treated. Just like...